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LoVe K-Variety




July 28th, 2012



Somebody ask me to post up the soft sub for Dang Duang Haruthai staring Kwan Usamanee ans Weir Sukollawat.

I'd already upload hardsub on YT but of course got deleted since Ch7 copyright their lakorns on web...Suck!!!


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July 12th, 2012

My special addiction


I was in love with this couple since last two years, I watched nobuta first but at that time I was crazy with Akira character...how I love Yamapi at that time...I don't really like Maki when I watched Nobuta, then I got to see Kurosagi...I was kind a disappointed that Yamapi get partner again with Maki, but when I watched Kurosagi I stop hating Maki.....and after that I watched Hana kimi coz I'm fan of Shun Oguri and that's the moment I start to love Horikita Maki.....then I watched Kurosagi again, finally I love Yamaki couple......after that I watched Nobuta again and I'm crazy about Yamaki...HAHAHHAH....since that I realized I love Horikita Maki more than I love Yamashita Tomohisa, I followed every work of Horikita Maki but not Yamapi...hahahahah.....................I wonder why.......Change of heart heheh

Really hope that this couple reunite in romantic drama again, since Kurosagi film quite disappointment in terms of Yamaki scenes but overall it is awesome..

This website keeps my addiction to Yamaki couple...join me if you still not a member

My addiction

My addiction are drama, I love drama on screen no matter where they come from
Recently I'm addict to Korean Drama, Japanese Drama and Thai Drama (Lakorn)

Drama I watch right now are

Korean ----------------------------> A Gentleman's Dignity, Big, Bridal Mask
Japanese ------------------------> Rich Man Poor Woman, GTO 2012
Thai---------------------------------> Kerd Pern Hong, Leh Roy Ruk

I'm not belong or stay in those countries but I love their productions...

My second addiction is K-variety...

Anything that can make me lough hard.........Mostly K-variety are the best, J-variety not bad too.

And last is My addiction to ---------------------------------------------KARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a KAMILIA

I just get news that base on Poll from Nikkei mag KARA place number sixth based on popularity in Japan...Even though it is just poll but still they're next to Arashi..can you believe that? YAy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KARA JANG!!!!!!!!!!

Want to be active

I never post anything the last two years....Ummm maybe because I am so bad at writing..
Lately I was thinking publishing a new blog but since I have this one so why not be active in this..
I will probably mumbling on this much but just bare with me...

I'm finishing my fanfics this time hope more support from you readers... These is the new links for my fanfics..



June 5th, 2009

First entry

hai..... i'm new in livejournal.
but let me tell a little bit of my self.
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee korean and japan entertainment so much
i always look around on internet about this showbiz.
my fav actor from korea is wonbin actress is lee da hae, song hye gyo and i think many.... hehheeh
my fav actor from japan now is yamashita tomohisa, oguri shun, narimiya hiroki and some i dont know their name....lol actress is defenitely Horikita maki desss..... she is soooo cute.....

lastly i wrote a fanfic in winglin but the couple is jaemaki...-kim jaejoong and horikita maki
but dont misunderstood i love yamaki's couple tooo
this the link


go and read it if you guys have some time

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